Harry and William only passed by each other and didnt reconcile, says expert

Prince Harry and Prince William did not have a "reconciliation" meeting following the Queen's death, according to a royal expert.

Instead, the pair are said to have only had a "quick word" after bumping into each other at Windsor.

The two brothers, supposedly on opposing sides of a royal rift, appeared together in public on several occasions after Her Majesty passed – for instance meeting well-wishers at Windsor Castle alongside their wives Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

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Harry and Meghan have now flown back to the US to be reunited with their children Archie and Lilibet.

Royal author Kate Nicholl has said that, despite everyone "hoping" that the Queen's death would bring the brothers together, she has heard otherwise.

She told True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat: "I wondered if there might be something to suggest that the reconciliation that everyone was hoping for might be taking place.

"I was told by someone very much in the know that that wasn’t the case.

"There wasn’t a private dinner or anything going on.

"The only meeting we know of was when William was returning from the school run and happened to pass Harry and Meghan in [Windsor] Home Park and had a quick word.

"That suggests we’re very far off from a long-term and meaningful reconciliation between these two men."

Russell Myers, also a royal expert, described the supposed truce as "temporary".

He said: "I’ve spoken to someone very close to William and Kate and they said: ‘Don’t be fooled by this’.

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"I know that everybody wants them to come together and to have this big truce, but the truce is very much temporary. The truce was for the Queen, the Queen was always about unity, especially of her family.

"And she would have wanted the boys to come together, and certainly, William extended that invitation to the Sussexes to come forward and take part in that walkabout [at Windsor Castle].

"But as far as [William] is concerned, there is still an awful lot of distrust in the camp.”


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