Harry and Wills cousin may be buffer at Queens funeral after touching move

Peter Phillips and his cousins Prince Harry and Prince William are set to walk in the Queen's funeral procession, reminding royal fans of attempts to heal their frosty relationship.

Earlier this week, the Duke of Sussex and the freshly titled Prince of Wales were seen with their wives greeting royal mourners following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8.

Fans have been hopeful that the pair reuniting in their grief for their grandmother, may help them heal their rift.

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The brothers will reunite for the funeral procession from Buckingham Palace today (September 14) and cousin Peter Phillips will also be in attendance – evoking memories of his pivotal role for Prince Philip's funeral.

Peter, the son of Princess Anne, was seen walking between the two "feuding" brothers for his grandfather's funeral which many saw as a "buffer".

An eagle-eyed royal expert then spotted Peter walking a step back from the pair as they entered the cathedral.

Speaking on the BBC after the funeral in 2011, Katie Nicholl said: “I noticed Peter Phillips, I know they were walking as a trio, but the way he just stood back.

“Whether that was something to do with hierarchy or just to enable that image of the two brothers I think will be incredibly touching for many people.”

Ahead of today's procession, one royal source told The Telegraph the same thing could happen.

"Peter is used to acting as a bit of a buffer," they said. "He may play that role again in a bid to pull them along together.

“We are certainly not in the same place as Philip’s funeral when William and Harry didn’t walk side by side.

"Things haven’t changed, but it is not as intense and they can coexist. But the flower visit really doesn’t change anything.

"It is the same situation as at Prince Philip’s funeral when William and Harry put their differences aside and supported each other and their families in that moment.”

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