Harry is homesick and misses his family and its now or never to heal rift

Prince Harry is said to feel homesick and that he misses his family after losing contact with military friends, a royal commentator has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex now resides in America with wife Meghan Markle, but one royal commentator has questioned whether or not the 38-year-old Prince is truly happy.

Whether he enjoys his American lifestyle has come under scrutiny from expert Angela Levin, who has questioned the decision to shelve royal duties in favour of living life in the United States.

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The Queen's death has provided Prince Harry a "gigantic olive branch" to reconnect with members of the Royal Family, but Harry "must apologise before they can move forward".

Expert Levin said: "In the wake of the Queen’s death, Harry has been catapulted back into the fold of the family, and King Charles and Prince William have provided a gigantic olive branch.

"I think William has behaved with enormous decency. Harry is sixth in line and has been positioned as such. But for stability to be forged there has to be compromise from both sides, but mostly from Harry.

"I am told Harry is homesick and misses family, friends and the military, who he is no longer in close contact with."

Levin, speaking to The Sun, also cited the need for "compromise" should Harry return to active participation in The Firm.

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Levin continued: "For Harry to come back, there would need to be a lot of compromise and that’s the one thing he doesn’t seem to want to do.

"He would need to change his behaviour; agree not to leak conversations with his family and not use his title for commercial gain; something he did promise the Queen that he wouldn't do but which has been largely ignored.

"If Harry won’t listen, I can’t see it working itself out and this fantastic opportunity will be lost forever. It is now or never."

The expert commentator also claimed that "Harry may now realise how much he has missed the royal life" amid the death of the Queen.

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