Heartbroken Dachshund puppy paws at cage after best friend gets taken away

A devastated sausage dog puppy has been filmed pawing at its see-through cage after its friend was led away by potential new owners from a shelter.

The heartbreaking video shows the adorable pooch standing on its hind legs and resting against his window.

He is staring at another pooch, who is being held on a leash by prospective new owner Dayana Davila.

The sad dog who has been left in his enclosure then turns to Dayana and gives his best puppy dog eyes, as if begging her not to leave with his partner in crime.

She shared the clip to her TikTok page @dayanavdo earlier this year, where it was seen a staggering 15 million times.

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“This broke my heart, I was about to take her best friend away,” she said.

Millions of viewers flooded the comments section saying how heart-wrenching the sight was and, such was the response, Dayana later posted an update.

In another video, she said: “You guys are wondering if I got two puppies or if I only got one.

“Well, I didn’t get either of them because I couldn’t afford them both.

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  • “I’ve been wanting a puppy for a long time so I don’t really know what to do, maybe go to a shelter or maybe I can save up some money and go back and get them.”

    Since her videos in May, though, Dayana has welcomed in a new member of the family by buying a new puppy that is neither of the two best pals.

    In other sausage dog news (the best kind of news), one pooch was recently filmed showing off how much he loved having a bath – even barking at his owners when he wanted one.

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