Heartwarming moment dog with no front legs takes first steps with prosthetics

A rescue dog struggling to walk on one leg has finally taken her first steps with the aid of a pair of prosthetic legs.

Halo, the one-year-old Great Pyrenees, was born with no front paws and was taken to Safe In Austin, a Texas-based animal shelter in US.

She also had one of her hind legs amputated after being kept in a box for weeks.

Owner Jamie Wallace-Griner spent a year working with veterinary orthopaedics to design prosthetics in the hope that Halo would one day be able to walk.

In a tear-jerking video posted to Reddit with more than 20,000 upvotes, Jamie gently puts the legs on to Halo and calms her as she lies on a cushion on the floor.

She kisses Halo and encourages her to get up, saying: "Good girl, mumma would never do anything scary to you.

"What do you think, honey?"

Slowly, Halo manages to stand up on the prosthetics but is still nervous to explore around the area until Jamie brings her her favourite rug.

The brave pooch then takes her first step and walks towards the soft rug.

Having watched Halo getting through challenges as she grows bigger, Jamie starts getting teary and she runs out to call for her dad.

The adorable pooch starts wagging her tail as she adapts to the harness and learns to hop around the kennel.

The post read: "Halo is a Great Pyrenees who was born with no front legs and had one back leg amputated for health reasons. She just got prosthetics, and this is the first day of her life she's been able to run with her friends."

Viewers have flocked to the comments section after watching the adorable footage.

One said: "This warms my heart so much. And the sheer joy the humans have is infectious. Thanks for sharing."

"My favourite part of the video was the woman running out to call the guy to come see this!" another penned.

A third added: "I wasn't expecting to shed so many happy tears. Thank you."

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