Heatwave named after Dantes Inferno claims first victim as locals wilt in 45C

A deadly heatwave named after Dante's Inferno has claimed its first victim with temperatures soaring closer to an uncomfortable 45C.

The brutal heatwave has caused chaos across Europe and a 44-year-old has since died due to the horror heats which are spreading across the Mediterranean.

British holidaymakers were warned to take caution after an unnamed road sign worker collapsed while on the job due to the heat in Lodi, southeast of Milan, Italy.

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The man died in hospital hours after collapsing, with life-threatening heats now warned of as Brits flock to the Mediterranean to lap up the sun, although the brutal Cerberus weather could prove dangerous.

Cerberus, named after the creature which guards the gates of the underworld in Dante's first third of The Divine Comedy, is also the name of a sweltering heat weather system in the Sahara.

Said heats are expanding north and are already pushing through Italy, where islands such as Sardinia and Sicily are preparing for 45C heat.

Some holidaymakers in Rome yesterday found the sweltering 36C temperatures too tough to handle, with the Daily Mail reporting more than a handful of tourists fainted.

  • Britain braced for five days of chaotic weather as heatwave bakes Europe

An unnamed Brit tourist collapsed in front of the Colosseum in Rome while other holidaymakers sought refuge under trees and made makeshift parasols from their shirts.

Italian immunologist Mauro Minelli questioned whether the temperature was an "irreversible" rise, rather than the "sporadic" phenomenon it appears.

He said: "How many more summers will we have to go through before we begin to convince ourselves of the fact that the rise in temperatures may not be a sporadic extraordinary event at all, but rather an irreversible process that has in fact already begun?"

Rome and Florence could see temperatures rise to an uncomfortable 41C and 37C respectively.

Warnings were issued by city officials in nine parts of Italy, with Blozano, Florence, Frosinone, Palermo, Perugia, Rieti, Rome, Turin and Viterbo all expecting some horror weather.

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