Helpless students watch in horror as crack in ceiling collapses on top of them

A group of students have claimed they told their estate agent about a growing crack on their ceiling in their lounge weeks before their ceiling fell through.

The seven women living at Ruthin Gardens in Cathays, Cardiff, were "shaken up" after their ceiling fell through into their lounge and kitchen area on Saturday, October 29.

One student's mother was so worried about the collapse that they feel it "isn't safe" for her daughter to be inside of the home, which had a growing list of troubles, reports WalesOnline.

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Among them were a "spongy and damp" bathroom floor, boiler troubles, an unflushed toilet and that aforementioned ceiling crack, which has since given way.

One of the women from the flat explained: "Where the ceiling has fallen through there is a bathroom above it. As you get out of the bath and shower there is a crack in the floor and there is an identical crack below in the ceiling in the kitchen-lounge.

"When we arrived we saw these cracks and we thought 'this is definitely going to fall through'. It was an accident waiting to happen. The ceiling was drooping. It’s been drooping since we moved in with evidence of water being held in the ceiling.

"We know the tenants and they have evidence that they constantly reported the same thing last year by email."

The tenants added that every time a complaint was filed, CPS Homes would send a "contractor to put filler in the crack in the kitchen ceiling", but this did little to fix their issue.

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They continued: "We became concerned because the floor in the bathroom is spongy. It felt like it wasn’t safe, so we decided as a house to stop using the shower.

"We told them that the floor in the bathroom was not safe, and they responded by putting some plywood over it."

After "years" of trouble with the ceiling, the tenants, who pay almost £400 a month each to live at the property, began sharing the other bathroom and shower between the seven of them due to their safety concerns.

Yet when the ceiling did eventually cave in, the students were left unable to reach CPS Homes, who sent out a contractor who "put tarpaulin on the ceiling and said he'll be back".

The furious students added: "Besides the issue with the hole in the ceiling, there is mould on the walls throughout the house, the boiler is broken, it stinks of damp throughout, the bedsheets are cold and damp, the shower is cold, the toilet doesn’t flush properly."

They added that they had "been ill" and it was likely due to the "state of the house".

A spokesperson for CPS Homes said they were "continuing to liaise" with the students and that they were "sorry to learn" of the situation.

They added: "Clean up work and initial making good was carried out within four hours of being reported, with full repairs commencing on the next working day."

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