Hero UPS driver saves boy from getting crushed by 100lbs parcel in dramatic clip

Doorbell footage has captured the nail-biting moment a hero delivery driver rescued a young boy after a heavy parcel fell on top of him.

UPS driver Marco Angel had just dropped off the 100lbs package at the address in Oak Park, Illinois when the homeowners’ four-year-old boy Max Pratt tried to carry it in.

Dramatic video taken at the address shows the sizable parcel tipping over and crushing the boy underneath it.

He can be heard screaming for help and it grabs the attention of Marco, who is walking back to his vehicle.

The driver runs back to the house and manages to lift up the parcel just in time.

Marco, who has worked for the delivery company for a year, told CBS Chicago he tried to run back as fast as he could when he noticed the danger.

“As soon as I saw the package tilt, I just started running back to it,” he said.

“I pictured my boys in his situation. Obviously, you go into kind of into full parent mode or full dad mode to make sure the kid is all right.”

Max said he often carries in his family’s parcels but did not realize just how heavy the latest one was.

Thankfully, he was unharmed in the incident and told CNN he only suffered an “ouchie”.

Max’s mum Traci praised the driver for being “our angel” for his actions.

She added that she hoped UPS gives him a bonus and makes him employee of the month.

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