Hired killers partied with victim and staged ‘evidence photo’ using ketchup

When a group of three contract killers lacked the courage to execute their intended target, it sparked a chain of events that led to their client's lover committing suicide.

A 26-year-old woman had hired the hitmen to kill her husband, only for the trio to befriend him and enjoy parties together with the supposedly condemned man.

After being asked to provide confirmation that the job had been done, the accused men squirted tomato ketchup on the body of their "hostage" and sent a photograph.

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Panicking and fearing arrest on seeing the image, the boyfriend of the woman then killed himself.

She has been identified as Anupallavi, who lives in the Indian city of Bangalore, and was married to Naveen Kumar.

The pair have two children and he works as a taxi driver, as well as running a mill.

But, after reportedly starting an affair with Himavanth Kumar, Anupallavi conspired with her secret lover to arrange for her husband's murder.

The killers had been paid just under £1,000 as an advance for carrying out the job, with another £1,170 promised once the deed had been done.

Two of the contract killers had hatched a plan together when they hired Naveen's cab.

When the third man of the operation joined them, they kidnapped Naveen and took him to a house.

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That's when the intended victim became close to his captors who, in turn, could not bring themselves to kill their new pal.

But when Naveen's sauce-splattered body was sent to Himavanth and Anupallavi, it really sent shivers down the spine of the former, who decided to end his own life at his Bangalore home on August 1 through fear of the repercussions from his love rival's "death".

A missing complaint was issued to the police by Naveen's sister a day later and officers went on to interview him when he was released from captivity on August 6.

After Naveen had relayed his story to the police, the phones of Himavanth and Anupallavi were checked, leading to the discovery that Anupallavi’s mother Ammojamma was also involved in the plot.

The kidnappers, named as Harish, Mugilan and Nagaraju, were subsequently arrested despite showing Naveen compassion.

But the latter asked the police not to apprehend his wife, as he still loved her and wanted to forgive her.


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