Holiday from hell saw mum fly home with horror hogweed burns that melted hand

A mum had 'a holiday from hell' when a suspected brush with hogweed meant she had to fly home early, forcing her to wear gloves to protect her hand.

Lucy Jones was on holiday in Cadiz, Spain, when she noticed a burning sensation on her right hand on May 23 and her skin soon erupted in agonising blisters, making it look as though her hand "had been dipped in boiling water".

Horrified, she rushed to a pharmacy where staff dressed it and gave her steroids for contact dermatitis.

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Lucy, from Maidstone, Kent, said: "I woke up and my hand was red and sore and it looked like a sunburn.

"I went to a pharmacy because it was getting worse, it was a really horrible burning feeling.

"Over the next 24 hours it got worse. It was blistering, really swollen and I could barely move my fingers."

The pain became so severe that she, husband Max Jones, 31, and three-year-old daughter Lily, were forced to cut their holiday short by three days and fork out £300 for an earlier flight back to the UK.

The 29-year-old mum went to Maidstone A&E in Maidstone, Kent, where medics were initially left stumped as to what had caused the blistering burns.

After being transferred to the burns unit, a doctor who had seen the symptoms before said she must have come into contact with the toxic plant.

There, Lucy had the tops of her blisters scraped off and her hand dressed – a procedure she described as 'painful and traumatising'.

Once her hands have fully healed, Lucy will have to slap on sunscreen three times a day and wear SPF gloves to protect her scorched skin from the sun.

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The mum said the ordeal "completely ruined the holiday."

Lucy doesn't know if she brushed against the plant in the UK or in Spain but said she suspects she may have inadvertently touched it near her home as her area is known for having a 'hogweed problem'.

Touching hogweed causes severe burns and blistering on the skin that lasts for several months.

The plant can grow to 10 feet in height and chemicals in its sap can cause photosensitivity.

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