Hopes Meghans royal feud could heal when Charles becomes King over close bond

Meghan Markle’s previously strong bond with Prince Charles means that there is a chance that she could reconcile with the Royal Family in the future, a royal commentator has said..

The Duchess of Sussex has been critical of royal way of life since moving to California, speaking out about how she felt lonely and isolated when living in the UK as well as making an allegation of racism.

But while there is now plenty of debate over whether Meghan will even return to the UK, it was not always the case and at the start she enjoyed a good relationship with Charles, according to royal commentator Emily Andrews.

Emily explained in a new Channel 5 documentary how Charles enjoyed her company and she, in turn, enjoyed learning from him about the history of the Royal Family.

The royal expert believes that this previously close bond could help heal the rift between the Sussexes and the royals when Charles becomes King.

In the documentary, the narrator said: “Despite the damage caused to their family ties, there are glimmers of hope for a reconciliation.”

Emily then responded: “If in 10 years time, if we have a change of regime, we’ve got King Charles [there could be a reconciliation]. The relationship between Meghan and Charles was once so good.

“I mean Charles adored her, they had a lot in common, art, music. She used to go round to Clarence House to have, effectively, history lessons with Charles on the history of the Royal Family.

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“Both Meghan and Charles really enjoyed that. Charles was a real passionate historian, Meghan had a thirst for knowledge, they had a really good relationship.”

But, according to Emily, that relationship is “currently pretty much in tatters”.

Currently, though, there is no sign of thawing in a frosty relationship.

Just this week, it was announced that Harry has been writing a tell-all memoir about his life so far.

Meghan at 40: The Climb To Power, will air tonight (July 24) on Channel 5.

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