Horrified family terrified by mice making living in their home unbearable

A horrified family have been left 'terrified' by rats and mice overrunning their home, and turning up in their clothing.

Patricia Barnes says she has been dealing with the pest problem for the past five years, but the situation has become so "unbearable" in "the last few weeks" that her family have stopped visiting her home in Borough Road, Birkenhead.

The mum-of-one says she is also frightened that her autistic daughter, 22, will get bitten or worse by the rodents.

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The 57-year-old said the problem started years ago when work began on a nearby empty plot of land, and believes a nest or makeshift home was disturbed, causing the rats and mice once dwelling there to find a new home: in the row of houses in which she lives.

She said the problem wasn't as severe initially, though it has now become serious, with "seven rats caught in the last few days."

Patricia, who acts as a full-time carer for her bed-bound mum, told the ECHO: "In the last few weeks it's gotten so much worse.

"My daughter is terrified through the whole night every night, disturbing every neighbour on our road.

"She's severely autistic.

"Yesterday, as I dressed her inside her coat pocket there were two live mice."

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Patricia said how multiple times she has gone to dress herself and found mice in her clothing, or holes created by the hungry rodents.

"My extended family won't even come over any more as they say it's so horrible," she said.

"Me and my daughter shouldn't have to live like this. I'm lost."

Despite multiple attempts to get help from Sanctuary Housing, who own and manage her row of buildings, Patricia says was told she would have to "pay for [pest control] or get traps."

"Months later [from when the problem was first reported] there has been absolutely no action," she said

"We cannot afford the constant purchasing of stick pads to catch the mice.

"We are literally overrun with them now. It makes me so depressed."

A spokesperson for Sanctuary said: “This issue appears to originate on waste ground not owned by Sanctuary, near the local shop and pub, and where groundwork is currently being undertaken in the area.

"We have made the local authority aware of the concerns that have been shared with us and also advised our tenants to contact the environmental health team locally too.

“We arranged for a specialist pest control contractor to meet with our tenant on September 5 and investigate the issue.

"While our contractor was unable to gain access that day, we have agreed a new appointment for September 20 and can reassure all our residents that we are taking this issue very seriously.”

Wirral Council confirmed Patricia's concerns have been passed on to their housing standards team.


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