Horror moment boy is swept 30ft into sky by kite before plummeting to Earth

Terrifying footage shows how a 12-year-old boy was yanked up 30ft in the air by a gigantic kite and carried through the skies before he is thrown to the ground.

The video was recorded in Indonesia and happened when the lad tried to fly a dragon kite at least triple his size on Tuesday, December 1.

He was holding the kite steady on a hillside in Lampung when there is a strong gust and he gets tangled up in the strings, just as the dragon kite launches up into the wind.

The poor lad holds on for dear life as he soars above a crowd of horrified witnesses.

Suddenly, the strings break and he plummets back to Earth while the people watching scream in horror.

The crowd of people then rush forwards to check he is ok.

Fortunately, he survived the fall but suffered broken bones and was rushed to hospital and needed two surgeries, according to news site Coconuts.

Kite accidents are fairly common and parents and children are warned not to use a kite big enough to lift them into the air and lose control and to avoid dangerously high winds.

In August, horrifying footage showed a three-year-old girl being thrown around like a rag doll after getting tangled in kite strings at a festival in Taiwan.

Luckily, a quick-thinking man leapt into action and pulled the kite down to the ground by its tail and the youngster was rescued.

Hsinchu City International Kite Festival in Taiwan was cancelled after the incident, which saw the tot suffer bruising and cuts from the strings.

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