Hospital horror as stillborn babys head left in mums womb during birth

A stillborn baby was decapitated during a botched delivery and its head left inside the mother's womb.

The shocking incident was said to have occurred last week at a charity hospital in the Tharparkar district of Pakistan.

Following the bungled breech-birth, the mum was reportedly transferred to another hospital 51 miles away with her baby’s head still inside her.

However, upon discovering that facility was also unable to treat her, she was then sent to another in Hyderabad city, nearly 134 miles away.

There the baby’s head was finally removed via abdominal surgery after her uterus having ruptured.

"The head got stuck after delivering the torso because the delivery was done by inexperienced hands,” a top health official of Sindh province said in a statement over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Tharparkar district health officer Dr. Greesh told VICE World News that the mother, who is believed to be 52-years-old, was now making a recovery.

He added that an investigation into the series of shocking medical failures behind the delivery was now underway.

According to UNICEF figures , Pakistan has recorded 54 infant deaths per 1,000 live births, a figure that’s twice as high as neighbouring India’s and at least 10 times higher than other developed nations.

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And, while those stats have shown improvement over the last few years, many poverty-stricken rural areas like Tharparkar are still lagging far behind.

In such areas as few as 16 percent of deliveries receive acceptable levels of qualified medical assistance.

"Specialised doctors are unavailable in the region. Women and their children keep dying," said Karachi-based health journalist Muhammad Waqar Bhatti.

"Specialised doctors and gynaecologists don’t want to step foot in the region because of how underdeveloped it is.

"The government needs to make conscious efforts to increase healthcare staff and facilities in the region so that such tragedies can be avoided in the future."

If you have been affected by this story, advice and support can be found at Sands (stillbirth and neonatal death charity). You can call them on 0808 164 3332 or email [email protected]

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