Hot weather forecast: Weekend scorcher! sizzling 26C heat to sear UK as European air hits

UK Weather: Met Office forecast sunny spells

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Prolonged spells of sunshine and dry conditions are on course to descend over large areas of the UK from Friday. Plumes of warm air are then forecast to push in from Europe on Saturday to send the mercury into the sizzling mid-twenties.

The latest maximum temperature charts show vast areas of Britain turning a shade of red as high pressure begins to build towards the end of the week.

Maps produced by Netweather show temperatures peaking at around 23C or 24C in the South East on Friday.

Western areas of England can expect highs of 22C and 21C in the North.

Isolated spells of rain are set to be confined to western parts of the British Isles in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

BBC Weather forecaster Darren Bett said: “Friday looks dry across many parts of the country, the rain mainly coming into Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“Ahead of it some brighter skies, maybe seeing those temperatures getting up to 22C or so.

“So getting closer to normal for this time of year.”

Heading into Saturday, temperatures are poised to climb further and peak at 26C in London and the South East, according to the latest maps.

Central and northeastern areas of England can also expect highs of around 24C or 25C by 6pm on Saturday.

Mr Bett said the upturn in temperatures is set to be fuelled by southerly winds closing in from the continent.

Over the weekend, large areas of Europe are set to be gripped by a heatwave.

The latest maximum temperature charts show the whole of France turning dark red.

Thermometers across the English Channel are set to peak at 35C (95F) on Saturday.

The BBC Weather forecaster added: “Heading towards the first day of the weekend and again the details could change because things are so slow-moving.

“But these weather systems are bringing some rain in from the west, making more progress across northern parts of the UK, perhaps allowing some brightness and a bit more sunshine to come through on Saturday for England and Wales.

“And a bit more of a southerly breeze as well, and that means not only do we get more sunshine, we start to get a bit more warmth as well.

“It looks a bit more promising on Saturday.”

Going into Sunday, temperatures are poised to slip a few degrees into the low-twenties as a band of wet weather heads towards the UK.


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However, high pressure is on course to build up over Britain once again into the early part of next week.

Mr Bett added: “That low pressure has then got to move across the UK on Sunday so we are likely to have some rain before that moves away.

“And then high pressure starts to build in through Tuesday and beyond, not really seeing a southerly breeze, so not expecting a heatwave.

“Temperatures are going to be nearer normal as it settles down from Tuesday onwards.”
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