Humans self-isolating due to coronavirus a ‘bonanza’ for Manitoba wildlife

Although the recent dumping of snow might have put a damper on things — at least for a few days —one of the byproducts of so many Manitobans self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic has been an increase in wildlife activity on our streets and in our yards.

Fort Whyte Alive’s Barrett Miller told 680 CJOB the animals were always there, but they’re using the lack of human activity outdoors to become a little more bold.

“As we’re not as active out on the streets — especially in our cars — the wildlife is feeling a little bit more confident,” he said.

“It’s not necessarily that they weren’t there before, it’s that things were staying hidden or more on the edges of the city, more in their standard riverside or parkside habitats and really just sort of realized that they have a little bit more safe place to explore lately.”

Another aspect of the apparent wildlife resurgence, Miller said, is that people just have more time and fewer distractions to actually notice the activity of local animals.

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“I have been watching a pair of Cooper’s hawks nesting out front of my house all day today. Normally I would be at work. I’d probably be coming home and maybe turning the Jets on, or going somewhere with my head down.

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