I did what anybody would, says McDonald’s axe man after rejection rampage

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A man who smashed up a New York McDonald's with an axe after he was rejected by a woman has defended his actions, saying he is "not unhinged".

Michael Palacios, 31, was arrested after the outburst on Saturday (September 17) but has since been released without bail after a fight broke out in a branch of the fast food restaurant in which he says he was "pummelled".

Speaking to the New York Post after the events, he said: "I’m not psychotic. I just did what anybody would do when being pummelled. What would you do? Take out your phone and call 911?"

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He even defended his choice of weapon, claiming: "If you only think that the thing you can protect yourself with is a gun, we’re all going to go to f***ing jail.

"With a hatchet, I have my options — throw it or just smash a f***ing table. With a gun. all you do is shoot.

“I’m not unhinged,” he added.

The dramatic events unfolded when Palacios repeatedly approached a woman in the restaurant, asking for her phone number and where she was from, despite her continuing to reject his advances.

“He kept going at her," said an UberEats driver, known only as Ruben G, who witnessed the event.

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"That’s when the guys she was with stepped in and they started arguing. It all led to that."

At one point three other customers beat Palacios over the head.

Initially this didn't seem to phase him and he shrugged off their attempts to whack him.

However, he then suddenly pulled an axe from his bag, shattering a floor-to-ceiling glass panel before going on the offensive against some tables and walls in the restaurant.

He then turned on one of the customers that had hit him and slapped him around the face, before yelling at a visibly scared woman sitting nearby: “Don’t be afraid of me, be afraid of him!”

Witnesses claimed he smelt of liquor during the incident.

Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt during the altercation – something which Palacios claimed was deliberate.

"I’m not a loose canon," he said.

"I don’t think just because I’m angry and going through some s*** I’m going to hurt other people.

"People are saying, ‘Oh, these guys are lucky.’ It had nothing to do with luck. My intentions were not to hurt anyone.

"It’s not luck that they didn’t get chopped up. I didn’t chop them up because I didn’t want to."

Palacios also denies that the violent argument had anything to do with the woman who turned him down – despite claims by witnesses in the restaurant – claiming instead that his actions were triggered after he got into an argument with a fellow patron after a security guard refused to let him use the toilet.

"I’m like, 'Yo, bro, c’mon. Open the bathroom,' and then I hear, 'You, you don’t have to be mean about it.'

"I’m like, ‘Shut the f*** up,'" he added.

When asked why he carried an axe in his backpack, Palacios said he likes camping, but that he started carrying it after a previous attack.

"I got jumped once in Chicago," he said.

"I told myself I was never going to let that s*** happen again.

"Honestly, I just randomly picked it up at Home Depot a couple of weeks ago. It was still in my bag."

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