I was surviving on 19p Lidl pasta – now I earn six figures and live dream life

Fashionable items and one-time outfits have been turned into massive profits for a 25-year-old law graduate who is selling her old clothes.

Hollie, a law student, first started shifting her old clothes in 2014 on Depop, with the at-the-time 18-year-old hoping to bag a bit of extra cash.

The app lets people buy and sell unwanted outfits, and in the process has revolutionised the second-hand clothing market, helping buyers score bargains and, in Hollie's case, make the sellers a fortune.

Originally from Cardiff, the law student started using the app casually when "super bored" of her at-the-time outfits, and now she nets herself thousands every month after becoming a top seller on Depop.

The 25-year-old now lives in Bali, Indonesia and hires five employees to help her run stores in the UK.

Speaking to The Mirror, she said: "I'd started trying to lose weight in 2015 and by 2016 I'd dropped about four dress sizes so I needed to get rid of my old stuff and also buy myself clothes that fit.

"It was a godsend for making pocket money whilst I was doing my degree because I honestly would not have been able to afford to buy clothes otherwise.

"It wasn't until the end of 2018 though that I really started to put the work in and try to build out some brands."

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Hollie handed her notice in to her full-time job in June 2021 to fully focus on her stores, which now sell a range of items including designer mens clothing and jewellery.

She said: "I went to Dubai in February 2021 for a month and funnily enough I haven't been back to the UK since.

"I think by June I was handing my notice in, I'd been able to scale my shops to a point where I didn't need to sacrifice my hours between 9-5 every day and there's nothing more motivating than the sun outside to make you get off your butt and try and make something of your life."

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She continued: "I still one hundred per cent will one day finish my training and become a lawyer but I would love to be able to scale my shops to the point where I can work pro-bono."

From Bali, the 25-year-old is able to keep in touch with her five UK-based employees who help manage the manual labour of sending out packages.

She said: "I check in with the people who are doing the manual labour for my shops in the UK to make sure everything went smoothly that day as there's an eight hour time difference.

"Then I'll find a cute cafe to work in and spend a few hours checking my inventories and seeing if I need to restock anything.

"I've come a long way from living off Lidl 19p pasta."

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