Impressive moment lone Ukrainian tank shoots through building to blast Russian vehicle

Ukrainian tank appears to destroy Russian APC in Rubizhne

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Drone footage shows images of a Russian tank being destroyed by a Ukrainian armoured vehicle in one single shot. The successful strike took place in Rubizhne, 40 miles from Luhansk, an area where the intensification of Russian troops has significantly increased following the deployment of Russian forces from the capital Kyiv. 

Video shows images of a Ukrainian tank shooting through a demolished building and successfully striking a Russian armoured vehicle with a single shot.

The footage starts by showing images of the Ukrainian tank moving up the streets of the city of Rubizhne.

After targeting the Russian tank, the images show the Ukrainian armoured vehicle opening fire, shooting through a building, and successfully destroying the Russian vehicle. 

The video follows reports from Ukraine that seem to confirm that the presence of Russian troops in the southeast areas of Ukraine has increased significantly.

Reports seem to also have been confirmed by the UK Military of Defence, which this morning confirmed that fighting in south Ukraine, particularly in the Donbas region, have intensified.

Same claims have also been verified by President Zelensky himself, who said: “Intensity of fire by Russian troops has increased significantly.”

The Ukrainian President mainly refers to southeast regions of Ukraine, where Russian troops have been pushing through with renewed efforts to advance.

Southeast regions of Ukraine represent a central target for Russian troops as if occupied would allow Russian troops to unify the region of Donbas, already recognised as Russian, with the annexed Crimea, as well as take full control of the eastern areas of the country.

As explained by military analysts such as US Major General James “Spider” Marks while speaking on CNN last week, such a plan in the southeast of Ukraine could potentially allow Russia to create a clear division between the western side of Ukraine and the eastern one. 

Updates from Ukraine seem to confirm that over 500,000 people have been deported “without agreement’ to Russia.

The statement comes from the head of the Ukrainian Parliament’s humanitarian committee Mykyta Poturayev, who this morning addressed members of the European parliament claiming: “Half a million of Ukrainian citizens were deported to the Russian Federation without agreement from their side”. 

Following the updates and evidence that seem to show intensification of Russian troops in the Ukrainian territory, President Zelensky has asked Western leaders to provide further military to support Ukrainian fighters and civilians.


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He stated: “If Ukraine had same weapons as Russia, the war would have ended by now”.

In light of the request and recent updates, US President Joe Biden has confirmed he will be delivering additional weapons to Ukrainian troops.

Similar stance has been taken by Norway defence minister Bjørn Arild Gram, who has confirmed Norway’s intention to send 100 mistral air defence missiles to Ukraine.

In light of the latest updates from Ukraine, Finland’s parliament has this morning opened the debate on whether joining NATO.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said the country would decide “quite fast and within weeks”.

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