India VS Pakistan: WW3 fears soar as war of words over ‘cross-border terrorism’ escalates

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Pakistan’s foreign ministry has rejected New Delhi’s “baseless allegations” it had supported terrorist operations in India. The comments came on the 19th anniversary of the 2001 attack on India’s parliament, which saw nine people killed by Pakistan-based Islamic terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed. Tensions between India and Pakistan have reached boiling point this year as border disputes and Chinese interference sparked intense rows.

Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar delivered a lecture in New Delhi on Sunday commemorating the 2001 terrorist attack.

Mr Jaishankar discussed the long term effects of the incident, and accused Pakistan of terrorism.

He said in his lecture: “At one level, some of the more perennial problems associated with our national consolidation and development will continue.

“In particular, a longstanding political rivalry is today expressed as sustained cross-border terrorism by a neighbour.”

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Mr Jaishankar also called for more integration in foreign policy decisions made by India, but accepted that may increase Pakistani fears.

He added in his lecture: “To my mind, adequately securitising foreign policy is for me absolute imperative.

“And the primary reason for that is quite obvious: there are really very few major states that still have unsettled borders to the extent that we do.

“Of equal relevance is the unique challenge we face of years of intense terrorism inflicted on us by a neighbour.”

The same day, Pakistan’s foreign ministry lashed out at Mr Jaishankar’s comments and “categorically rejected” the implication they engaged in terrorist acts in India.

In a statement, the body said: “Pakistan categorically rejects terrorism-related insinuations by the Indian External Affairs Minister and other political figures today.

“Regurgitating of baseless allegations does not turn them into truth.”

It marks the latest accusation made by the two powers over terrorist activity in each others countries.

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November saw Pakistan blast India and Afghanistan for alleged terrorism in the country, with Islamabad claiming New Delhi runs around 66 militant training camps in Afghanistan to destabilise Pakistan and undermine its relationship with China.

Pakistani Government officials then said in a televised conference it had “irrefutable evidence” of their accusations against India and Afghanistan.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava rubbished Pakistan’s claims and added: “The so-called claims of ‘proof’ against India enjoy no credibility, are fabricated and represent figments of imagination.

“We call upon Pakistan to end its support to cross-border terrorism…. Concocting documents and peddling false narratives will not absolve Pakistan of such actions.”

Pakistan also delivered a dossier of evidence to the United Nations accusing India of inciting “terrorism” in November, a day after India delivered their own dossier on Pakistani involvement in a planned attack in Kashmir to the international body.

Indian and Pakistani tensions have surged in recent years over border disputes centring on Kashmir, which both countries claim to have rightful control over.

In February last year, Indian security forces were attacked in Pulwama, Kashmir, by Jaish-e-Mohammed again which nearly led to all-out war between the two nations.

Pakistan and India have been at war over Kashmir twice since 1947, where they became independent nations.

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