Influencer sues cops for £23m for mistakenly using pic of her on wanted poster

An influencer has sued the police for $30million (£23million) for using a sexy picture of her on a wanted poster in a mistaken identity mix-up.

Eva Lopez is suing the NYPD after they used the photo of her on a poster for a sex worker who is wanted for grand larceny.

The 31-year-old found out she was thought to be a wanted woman on August 16 last year, when she got off a plane alongside her boyfriend and a friend of his texted them.

Lopez, from New York, USA, shrugged it off until her boss convinced her that it might be real and urged her to reach out to the cops.

That night she called Detective Kevin Dwyer – whose name was listed on the flyer – who told her that the wanted poster had already been taken down from the department’s Facebook page and other web sites, as the real perpetrator had a sleeve tattoo, whereas Lopez doesn’t.

But the damage was already done, the influencer told the New York Post: “It was already spread around on social media. It was still being passed around, still being talked about, still making me look like a thief and a prostitute.”

The image in the wanted poster showed her in a low cut, hot pink tube top, with a thick gold necklace, bright, multi-coloured leggings and high heels, along with the caption: “Wanted for Grand Larceny. Perpetrator – probable cause to arrest.”

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The poster sought information on a theft that took place on August 3 in Manhattan, where a man had booked an escort online, only to have the escort steal a $13,000 (£10,000) Rolex and a credit card.

Lopez however argued that she was in Queens on the night of August 3 and not in Manhattan, with the detective telling her that the victims showed police pictures of Lopez.

She continued: “On Facebook, the [wanted poster] got shared thousands of times – 10,000, 20,000 times. Then on Instagram a lot of blog sites that have millions of followers, they posted it as well.”

Lopez, who also works as a bartender proclaimed her innocence on her own Instagram page – to no avail, with her reputation suffering as a result.

She said: “I just really want people to know that’s not me, in any way, shape or form. The girl has nothing to do with me.”

She insisted that she’s never been in trouble with the authorities, never worked as an escort and doesn’t know the victims.

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