Innocent death row inmate saw prisoner burned alive with homemade napalm

An innocent man who spent 18 years on death row for a crime he didn't commit has revealed the barbarity of his time in prison on an internet thread and alleged that he saw a man burn with homemade napalm.

In 1994, Damian Echols and two other men were sentenced to death in Arkansas after being falsely convicted of the murder of three eight-year-old boys.

In 1993, the bodies of Christopher Byers, Steve Branch, and Michael Moore were found naked and hogtied in a creek near West Memphis.

During the trial, it was posited that the boys were killed as part of a satanic ritual however the killer and their motive has never been found.

Only 18 at the time, Damien was initially given an execution date of May 5, 1994, but he managed to continually delay his execution date at Arkansas' Supermax facility until his exoneration in 2011.

In a startling Reddit thread, Damien answered a series of questions from users about the bleak reality of 18-years caged up on Death Row.

In his grim account, Damien pulled no punches and answered any and all questions put to him, no matter how dark.

A user asked: "What was the most disturbing thing you saw or experienced while incarcerated?"

Damien then went into great detail about the numerous obscene things he had witnessed including repeated stabbings and a man being set alight with homemade napalm.

He said: "There were so many things that I barely even know where to begin.

"A lot of it would be the executions. There were between 25 and 30 executions during the time I was on death row.

"I once saw two men stabbed repeatedly. I've seen men beaten so badly they were unrecognizable.

"I saw a man who had been burned with homemade napalm. The list goes on and on. I saw a lot of things that I'll carry with me to my dying day."

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