Inside abandoned McDonald’s with Jurassic Park promos sat untouched since 1990s

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A spooky McDonald’s on an abandoned Alaskan naval base has gone viral on Twitter, with the restaurant remaining untouched since the 1990s.

Adak Island, which is part of the Aleutian islands, is home to the eerie store, still featuring thirty-year-old promos for the original Jurassic Park.

The National Park Service said that Adak was originally set as an outpost for Army and Navy bases during World War II.

Twitter user @RealJezebelley tweeted a picture of the abandoned fast-food joint and has amassed more than 18,000 likes and 3,000 retweets (by the time of writing).

The viral photo is captioned: “Abandoned McDonald’s on the remote Alaskan island still has the menu up with Bobby’s World and Jurassic Park promos.”

Many Twitter users were shocked at the pictures of the abandoned eaterie, including @IamSteveland, whose family allegedly owned the joint before the army base closed down.

He tweeted: “Created a twitter just to say, my parents owned this McDonald’s store! We lived on Adak for 5 years and left when the navy base closed down. This is amazing to see!”

According to the Los Angeles Times, many of the town’s residents, including @IamSteveland’s family, fled the area when the naval base was abandoned in the 90s, with lots of businesses closing down as a result.

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Other former local residents took to Twitter to share their stories regarding the remote fast-food store.

@GEIST_VIEW wrote: “Grew up on Kodiak and spent many days on Attu as a kid (Coast Guard). Remember still to this day going to that McDonald’s, was a big deal for us kids since the other McDonald’s was on Kodiak.”

Others pointed out the prices, stating how Alaskan prices were inflated due to their remote location.

@SherlockSproul wrote: “These were 1990’s prices on a SUPER REMOTE ALASKAN ISLAND WHERE EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE, 25 years later we’re like: ‘Hey those are some good prices.’ That should scare us…”

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