Inside ancient fast-food restaurant set to reopen after 2,000 years

A 2,000-year-old fast food and drink counter which was discovered by a group of archaeologists last year is due to open to the public this summer.

The insane ancient diner was found in Pompeii, Italy during an excavation on the Regio V site.

It was once the spot for Roman customers to enjoy a range of culinary treats like snails, beef, and fish – traces of which were found at the site, Business Insider reported.

Remnants of nearly 2,000-year-old beef, duck, and more were located around the canteen, along with cooking utensils and wine flasks.

Brightly decorated frescos with deep jar holders line the ancient counter, which is amazingly still in good condition given its age.

Human remains were also found close by, including those of a man believed to be in his 50s.

"As well as bearing witness to daily life in Pompeii, the possibilities to analyse afforded by this thermopolium are exceptional because for the first time we have excavated a site in its entirety," said Massimo Osanna, director general at the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, according to The Guardian.

"The counter seems to have been closed in a hurry and abandoned by its owners but it is possible that someone, perhaps the oldest man, stayed behind and perished during the first phase of the eruption," Osanna added.

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It is set to reopen on August 12 as the "thermopolium," which is Latin for "hot-drink counter", The Telegraph reports.

Pompeii was once home to around 13,000 people before it was buried in ash after the nearby Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

Archaeologists first found its ruins in the 16th century. Now around two-thirds of the site has been dug up.

This "fast food counter" is believed to be just one of 80 on the site, all of which are thought to have been kept in good condition.

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Pompeii remains one of modern Italy's most popular tourist attractions and brings around 2.5 million visitors a year.

Last year a Canadian tourist returned five historic artifacts she stole from Pompeii in 2005, after claiming she had suffered a "curse" since being in possession of them, Business Insider reported.

"I was young and dumb," she wrote in a letter in cursive on binder paper, as seen in a photo posted by Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

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"I wanted to have a piece of history that couldn't be bought. I never thought about what I was actually taking. I took a piece of history captured in time that has so much negative energy attached to it. People died in such a horrible way and I took tiles that related to that kind of destruction."

The guilt-ridden woman, only known as Nicole, sent the letter to the Archaeological Park of Pompeii along with two white mosaic tiles, two amphora vase pieces, and a ceramic wall piece, according to CNN.

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