Inside UKs cushiest jail where three guards had affairs with inmates

A UK prison where three female staff members had affairs with inmates reportedly allows prisoners to have phones in their rooms and have their own laptops.

The £250m super prison HMP Berwyn employed prison guards Jennifer Gavan, 27, Ayshea Gunn, 27, and Emily Watson, 26, who have all been jailed for having inappropriate romantic relationships with inmates while working at the Wrexham penitentiary.

Since the three arrests staff at the prison have been undergoing amped-up training to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

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HMP Berwyn, which houses Category C adult male offenders, was previously dubbed the "UK's cushiest jail" by conservative MP Philip Hollobone as it not only allows inmates to access a wide range of educational tools and resources but also gives prisoners access to a full-sized sports hall, weights, fitness rooms, and outdoor areas to practice sports.

Lags are also able to contact friends and family in a number of different ways, including having phones in their rooms which they can use at any time by buying credits – although the phones can't accept incoming calls, MailOnline reported.

The aim of the liberal jail is so prisoners "increase their chances of employment when they return to their communities."

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"Based on a campus design, at HMP Berwyn's centre is an industry building housing 12 workshops where men make products such as furniture, or work in the on-site call centre or DHL distribution centre," the HM Prison and Probation Service said.

"Individuals can earn qualifications in areas such as manufacturing operations and customer service, while working.

"A state-of-the-art resettlement hub provides an opportunity for individuals to meet work coaches and access training to prepare them for employment. Training in a variety of trades and professions including bricklaying, joinery, plastering and industrial cleaning is available.

"Plus, men have access to a range of vocational qualifications such as digital media, business enterprise, and information and communications technology (ICT).

"HMP Berwyn's men also have access to a broad programme of learning opportunities – from basic skills such as literacy, Welsh and numeracy, to vocational qualifications and higher learning."

Prisoners are reportedly even rewarded for good behaviour by being given the keys to their own cells, giving them the power to lock their doors for more privacy.

A Prison Service spokesperson told MailOnline: "These keys can only be used to stop other prisoners getting into cells.

"They cannot be used to unlock cells when locked by staff and there is no requirement for staff to knock before entering."

Meanwhile phone calls made by prisoners can only be made to a pre-approved list of people and officers are able to listen to the calls.

Prisoners can also send emails, which are also monitored by staff – and they can even attach images for a fee.

In order to do so, each prisoner is given a laptop for making applications, ordering things from the canteen, and booking in visits with family and friends.

The laptops also give inmates access to a hub with educational materials, news, and entertainment.

The news comes after three female prison guards were separately jailed for having inappropriate sexual relationships with inmates.

Jennifer Gavan pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office between April and July 2020 after being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with prisoner Alex Coxon, now 25.

Meanwhile, Ayshea Gunn was also handed a prison sentence after she entered into a sexual relationship with Khuram Razaq, 29, in 2019, and Emily Watson was similarly jailed that year for performing a sex act on John McGee, who she was infatuated with, in his cell on Christmas Day.

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