Ivanka Trump: First Daughter’s husband Jared Kushner ‘unfazed’ over ‘end of world’ issue

Ivanka Trump discusses being 'competitive' like her father in 2014

Since President Donald Trump’s crushing defeat to Joe Biden in the US election last month, many have speculated over what he and his family will do next. Some suggest the President could launch a TV network to rival Fox News and others have predicted a return to reality shows. As for Ivanka the future is more uncertain, as the 39-year-old has been warned she would receive a frosty welcome back to New York after serving in her father’s administration. This week, it was revealed that she and Mr Kushner had bought a $31million (£23million) plot of land in an exclusive part of Miami, known as the “Billionaire Bunker”.

Prior to her role as special advisor under President Trump, Ivanka ran a number of businesses including in real-estate and fashion. 

She flirted with modelling from the age of 17, before returning to her father’s fold in 2005 after she graduated with an economics degree.

Shortly after her time at university she was introduced to Mr Kushner, by a friend because of their shared business ambitions in 2007. 

Ivanka said: “They very innocently set us up thinking that our only interest in one another would be transactional.

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“Whenever we see them we’re like, ‘The best deal we ever made!’”

She admitted it was “very hard to think about life before Jared”, whom she converted to Judaism for to marry in 2009, two years after they met.

Ivanka quipped that she had no idea what she did “with all of that free time” during a 2015 interview with Vogue magazine.

The couple, who now have three children together, were described as being “almost ridiculously perfect for each other” by the journalist Jonathan Van Meter.

He explained that they both came from “famous real-estate families”, attended Ivy League schools and excelled within their fathers’ companies.

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Ivanka acknowledged their similarities and felt they were both “exceptionally ambitious at a young age”.

She said: “His own dreams are bold, and I love that in someone, but he’s incredibly relaxed and calm.”

At first, Ivanka was surprised by his ability to remain level-headed under pressure. 

She continued: “The world could be collapsing around him and nothing fazes him.”

Ivanka attributed this to him being “very solution-oriented” before she gushed about finding “a genuinely good person”. 

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She added: “I feel really lucky to have met, like, a great New Jersey boy.”

Mr Kushner believed his and Ivanka’s teamwork ensured the success of their 11-year marriage – but he admitted she was the more dominant figure.

He said: “I would say she is definitely the CEO of our household, whereas I’m more on the board of directors. 

“We both pick up slack for each other where it’s needed, but she doesn’t want to outsource mothering, so she’s very involved.”

Ivanka’s “former friend” Lysandra Ohrstrom, who attended college with Trump’s former aide, predicted a move to Florida in the couple’s future.

In a Vanity Fair article last month, she wrote: “It’s the perfect spot for her to lie low, shielded from the economic and social consequences of the policies she pursued for the past four years.”

Ms Ohrstrom, who is anti-Trump, suspected that Ivanka would continue to “market her branded products” and might have ambitions for future a presidential bid.

She added: “Whether Ivanka is able to rehab her stained image or not, I hope she wasn’t able to drown out the applause of the city she once aspired to rule, cheering and celebrating her political downfall. 

“I was with them, crying with relief, matched only by the regret and shame I feel for not holding my former friend to account sooner.”

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