Jet-setting family embark on 14-month long adventure in single-engine plane

A family of five is heading off on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, flying around the world in a single-engine plane.

The Porters will spend 14 months jet-setting around the globe and have already visited the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands, and Argentina.

Dad Ian, 59, mum Michelle, 58, and kids, Samantha, 21, Sydney, 18, and Christopher, 15, all gave up their jobs in their hometown of Vancouver, Canada, to take on the challenge and think they're the first family ever to attempt the task.

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He said: "We are all enjoying ourselves, one thing we find people will say 'oh my gosh you're flying, it must be tough' the actual flying part is a relief.

"It's the paperwork before you set off that is the challenge, our biggest challenge is logistics for accommodation.

"Because the schedule is fluid and we don't know where we are going to be tomorrow or in a few days from now, we can't book far ahead.

"We have had everything, we have slept on floors, camped, slept in airports, through to nice hotels.

"The experience so far has been fantastic. It is a really cool experience, not just flying around the world, meeting all of these people, and seeing what we see but to do it as a family is a dream come true I couldn't ask for anything more.

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"To do this as a family, I mean, how cool is that."

The family set off on their trip of a lifetime June 15 2022 after years of prep.

The five are currently in Argentina and will head to Ushuaia at the foot of the South American country next.

They will then pass through Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia before heading up to Central America.

They will then head to Europe and towards northern Africa before taking in the Middle East, Pakistan, India, and Eastern Asia before heading back to Canada.

The one-year-two-month adventure is set to cost the Porters between $200k and $300k (£129.2k – £193.8k), without even taking into account the cost of their plane, named Moose, which cost $500k (£323k).

Ian has taken on the role of chief pilot and has had experience flying paragliders, paramotors, sailplanes, and fixed-wing aircraft for 40 years.

Meanwhile, Samantha and Sydney are both co-pilots and help out their dad along the way.

Michelle looks after flight planning and navigation, while Christopher controls drone operations.

The family spends between two and four days per location.

Ian said: "I have been a pilot for quite a while and have done some fairly long trips and when I had been doing those trips, I thought it would be good if I could do this for as long as possible and it would be great for the family to come along too.

"I sat there with my wife Michelle and she was on board, I posed the idea to the kids, who then were asking how the plan will work with schooling.

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"We told them the time would work well because my oldest daughter could take a gap year and university, my middle daughter had just finished high school and could take a break between University and my son could do online learning – we had a 14-month window and went for it."

He added: "More people climb Mount Everest in a single year now than people who have ever flown a single-engine plane around the world – we don't think a single family has ever done it before."

The Porters are also raising money for SOS Children's Villages, a charity that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children in need.


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