Joe Biden’s knowledge of Middle East picked apart – host lets rip at ‘bumbling’ President

Joe Biden labelled a 'bumbling leader' by host

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Sky News Austalia commentator Alan Jones ripped into Joe Biden and his “hopeless” understanding of Middle East politics. Mr Jones suggested the US president could end up indirectly funding Hamas through mismanaging a nuclear accord with Iran. The commentator spared no time insulting the US President who he called “bumbling” and doubted his ability to successfully negotiate with Middle Eastern powers.

Speaking on Sky News Australia, Mr Jones told viewers: “I’ve said before, the perception that Biden is weak will inevitably lead to Iran agreeing to some deal on nuclear weapons in return for billions of dollars in cash incentives to Iran in exchange for ‘nuclear concessions’. 

“I mean it’s impossible to imagine Biden negotiating with anyone.”

Mr Jones then commentated on a clip of Mr Biden at a FEMA briefing where he was mumbling his words. 

FEMA employees appeared to awkwardly watch on as the US President struggled during his speech.

Mr Jones continued: “What the hell are those people around the table be thinking? 

The TV host finished by criticising the US President and branding him “bumbling”. 

Mr Biden appeared at the FEMA headquarters in Washington earlier this week to announce an increase of funds to tackle natural disasters. 

The US President pledged an increase from $500milion to $1billion with Mr Biden also launching a NASA initiative to monitor climate change and its effects. 

The White House recorded 22 natural disasters in the US in 2020 which they say caused $100billion worth of damage. 

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Hundreds of prominent Democrats have also rebelled against their leader’s pro-Israel policies and have signed a letter urging Mr Biden to “hold Israel accountable” for its actions. 

It comes as violence between Palestinians and Israelis erupted earlier this month following religious clashes at holy sites and a ramping up of forced Palestinian displacements. 

Earlier this year, Israeli developers increased pressure on Palestinian settlements across Israel to move so they could be replaced by Israeli homes.

But violence at the Temple Mount holy site earlier this month is believed to be the spark behind the missile attacks. 

The conflict was the worst seen for years which saw thousands of rockets being fired from both sides targeting buildings in Gaza and Israel. 

The US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 which saw America provide incentives and the lifting of sanctions if Iran did not push ahead with a nuclear programme. 

Mr Biden has stated he would like to revive the deal but would only go to the table if Iran went back on its own breaches which include the prevention of inspections. 

But critics have put the revival into doubt following the Israel violence due to Iran’s long-standing relationship with Hamas. 

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