Judge suspended for half-naked trial has two words as she posts racy snap

A judge who became infamous for her raunchy Instagram snaps has made a racy return to social media.

Colombian Judge Vivian Polania was suspended from her job after she conducted a virtual court hearing from bed in what appeared to be her underwear while smoking a cigarette.

Now the law enforcer has taken to Instagram to share more fiery snaps, seemingly unbothered by her dismissal from work – and had just two words to sum up her racy pictures.

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"¿Me extrañaron?" she wrote in Spanish, meaning: "[Did] they miss me?"

Her fans were quick to comment on the sexy snap, with one writing: "Lots of clothes" alongside a series of laughing emojis.

Another added: "Oh your honour, you are very pretty, too much, we love you."

Some speculated the CrossFit-loving judge could be referring to either her thousands of fans or the panel that dismissed her from her judging duties.

"We always miss you, don't abandon us my prosecutor," one fan wrote, while another chimed in: "Zoom with you your honour," referring to the now-infamous online hearing that led to her suspension.

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Polania was suspended for three months after it was found she violated several administrative regulations, the Judicial Disciplinary Commission in Norte de Santander ruled last month.

The scantily-clad judge, 34, appeared on a Zoom call smoking a cigarette in what seemed to be her underwear while overseeing a hearing about a car bombing aimed at an army brigade.

The sultry clip quickly went viral, prompting the investigation into her behaviour and launching Polania to internet stardom.

The disciplinary panel's lengthy 16-page ruling read: "Such a situation is not consistent with the care, respect and circumspection with which a judge of the republic must administer justice, denoting a clear lack of respect from the official."

The ruling said Polania had kept her camera off for nearly an hour during the hearing before seeming to turn it on by accident.

When she switched it on she was lying in bed in what was described as a "deplorable" state, appearing "dishevelled with sleepy eyes" while smoking a cigarette.

A lawyer at the hearing then informed Polania that her camera was on, prompting her to quickly turn it off again.

It was also claimed Polania slurred her speech.

Polania will remain on unpaid leave until February after the disciplinary panel deemed her unfit to perform her duties, claiming she didn't respect the parties at the hearing and did not comply with the judicial dress code.

Polania has since slammed the decision and denied that she was in her underwear during the hearing.

She said she had had to lie down during the hearing because she had had an anxiety attack and suffered low blood pressure after becoming overworked and being "bullied" by other judges because of how she dressed.

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This is not the first time she has faced repercussions for her raunchy outfit choices, however.

Polania has been called the "versatile judge" for posting sexy snaps to Instagram and claimed her good looks earned her promotional offers and discounts from designer clothing companies, prompting a previous investigation into her behaviour.

Polania said of her online success: “A person does not take pictures for the sake of taking them or to have people hit the ‘like’ button.

“When you have a large number of followers, companies and designers start looking for you to give you discounts or promotions.”

The pictures also landed her on the receiving end of savage death threats by gang members.

But despite all the backlash, the judge hasn't stopped posting saucy content for her thousands of Instagram followers.

She said of the investigation: "I am the only woman who does not have the right to wear a bathing suit, because rather, it goes against the dignity of the administration of justice."


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