Kate Middleton set for ‘low-key 40th’ to avoid Meghan comparison, says expert

Kate Middleton is expected to have a “low-key” celebration when she turns 40 next month, a royal expert has claimed.

The Duchess of Cambridge will keep her celebrations “deliberately modest” in order to not be compared with Meghan Markle’s VIP bash.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe believes Kate will have “no fuss” around the milestone and she continues to keep “emphasis firmly on her family”.

Speaking to OK! he said: “The first picture of the two of them kissing was taken when Kate was celebrating her birthday quietly with William at Klosters ski resort in Switzerland.

“But that was then, and it’s just not Kate’s style to want to throw a lavish party for friends and family.

“I can’t see her going on any VIP trips to posh West End restaurants either.”

Kate is expected to celebrate with Prince William and her family, including her parents and siblings, rather than party the night away as the “the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are growing older gracefully”.

It is believed that Kate does not want comparisons to Meghan's lavish celebrity gathering for her 40th.

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Meghan turned 40 in August and marked the occasion by launching a mentorship programme to support women getting back into work following the pandemic.

The event saw celebrities such as Adele and Stella McCartney attend to give 40 minutes of their time for the 40×40 scheme.

She also celebrated with a comedy video featuring actress Melissa McCarthy and Prince Harry juggling.

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Kate has also launched projects this year in connection with her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood but Duncan believes the Duchess of Cambridge would not do the same as Meghan in announcing.

He said: “She’s unlikely to because, firstly, it’s just not her way and secondly because of the obvious comparisons with Meghan and this awful continuation of one-upmanship that the palace is so keen to avoid.”

Duncan continued by saying that Kate is already an established member of the Royal Family and has “no need” to make announcements.

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