Kate Middletons Royal brand under threat from new Diana film

Public backlash from a new film about Princess Diana will have to be dealt with by her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, a royal expert has warned.

The first trailer of Spencer, a movie about Diana due to come out next month, suggests the film will be less-than-flattering towards the Royal Family and commentators say it could undo years of hard work by younger members of the family to change how the monarchy is seen.

Writing in News.com.au, Daniela Elser claimed the Duchess of Cambridge has gone to great lengths to "revamp their frosty image", giving the royals a makeover one "charming, intimate" picture of her children at a time.

Daniela said: "She showed that, like the cowardly lion, they had a heart. The public started to see blood beat in the icy veins of the monarchy.

"What Kate (and William) managed to do was to make the world forget about how, for decades, the Queen et al were synonymous with a certain callousness and emotional barbarism."

"But now the release of Spencer, which corresponds with the latest series of The Crown, will rehash the "final sour disintegration" of Diana and Charles’ marriage and the princess’ tragic death.

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Her Royal Majesty's "benign, grandmotherly" persona could be replaced with someone who heads an organisation that "sucked in, chewed up and spat out a beautiful, if very fragile, woman".

The writer warned that these two big-budget projects could undermine Kate’s efforts by vividly reminding audiences the world over of "one of the more shameful chapters" in palace history.

And, she stressed, it will once again fall on William's wife to pick up the pieces and try to salvage the mess made by the royal's patchy past.

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She added: "Not only does she have to bring up three small children and perennially ensure her hair is Insta-worthy, it will continue to fall to her shore up the house of Windsor every time their very chequered past painfully reasserts itself into the conversation and the news cycle."

The Spencer film, named after Diana's maiden name, follows the young princess as she spends three days at the royal family’s Sandringham Estate around 1992.

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Diana, played by Twilight star Kirsten Stewart, contemplates her marriage to Prince Philip (Jack Farthing) over Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day.

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