Kate swiftly heads off any hint of Wills turning into Mick Jagger says author

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    Prince William was, for most of his teens and early twenties, the most eligible bachelor on Earth.

    He is a member of one of the most famous families in the world; thanks to an inheritance from his mother, Princess Diana, he’s independently wealthy; and – of course – he is almost certain to one day be King of England.

    It’s no surprise that he was always surrounded by eager young women hoping to bag themselves a prince.

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    And – says royal author Tom Quinn – the chase didn’t stop after he was claimed by Kate Middleton.

    In his new book, Gilded Youth An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family, Tom writes: “Among [William’s] oldest friends are a number of young aristocratic women among whom there was at one time a competition to see who could get William into bed”.

    Tom told the Daily Star that the competition isn’t quite over: “The competition will never be over while William is still young or at least young-ish!” He says.

    “It’s the same problem experienced by male rock stars – fame is very attractive and if you are famous you quickly become aware that women and sometimes men become starry-eyed when they meet you".

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    “You may resist temptation as Charlie Watts did," he explains, "or give into it as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards so often have.

    “But with William, Kate moves swiftly to head off trouble when rumours arise about William and any female in their circle.

    “The real difficulty will arise as it did with Philip and the late Queen Elizabeth when Kate and William become over-familiar with each other and begin, inevitably, to be worn down by time and the stresses of life”.

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    The previous generation of royals – Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and of course William’s own father the King, all divorced after one or other partner in a marriage strayed.

    William – and Kate – will no doubt be keen to avoid a repeat of that period in the 1990s that peaked with the late Queen’s speech at the Guildhall in London in which she said: “1992 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure. In the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondents, it has turned out to be an “Annus Horribilis”.

    Kate, in particular, thinks Tom, could be the ideal person to prevent a repeat of that low point in the royal family’s fortunes.


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