Killer mum grins from ear to ear in eerie vid after slitting childrens throats

A woman has been captured chillingly smiling after killing her own children.

The Indonesia-native was arrested on Sunday after slitting the throats of her young kids.

One of the trio, aged seven, died, but two others, aged 10 and five survived.

And after the woman was arrested, she was pictured in a cell at the Tonjong District Police in East Java’s Brebes Regency, smiling.

This has now prompted calls for the woman to have a psychiatric evaluation.

Police were alerted to the scene after locals, who eventually managed to break into the locked front door of the home, heard screams from inside – when they entered, they found the woman surrounded by her three children, who were laying on the floor covered in blood.

Tonjong Police Chief M Yusuf said: “The seven year old had a wound measuring 12 centimetres in length and 5 centimetres deep on the left side of the neck.

“The other two has wounds in their necks, jaws, and chests.”

The woman, who has not been named, was video inside a police cell after the arreast.

Smiling she said: “I want to be loved by my husband, but my husband is often out of work.

“I couldn’t take my husband being out of contract and out of work anymore. I want to save my children so they don’t struggle in life.

“They don’t need to feel sad. They had to die so they wouldn’t become sad like me.”

It is thought that the woman is being given an evaluation before being charged, as under Indonesian law, murder of a minor is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

The sentence could potentially be raised by more than a third of its length if the murderer is the child’s own parent or a guardian.

But that also depends on the results of the evaluation.

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