Killer whales tearing into predator sharks and ruining tourism, experts worry

A pair of serial killer whales that are ripping open sharks and tearing into sea creatures have worried experts who say the duo will cause problems.

Two orcas named Port and Starboard are gaining a reputation between themselves for tearing out livers and tricking terrifying ocean predators into sticky situations.

The pair have taken to hunting great white sharks, with the terrifying sharks usually found at the top of the food chain, and one documentarian believes there are more than just two dangerous orcas.

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The sharks' top spot appears to have been bumped off, with Port and Starboard taking down a number of them – with five carcasses found mauled and washed ashore in South Africa.

Four of the five sharks were spotted with missing livers while another had its heart removed in gruesome attacks which expert documentarian Ryan Johnson says has "terrorised" not just the shark population but tourism too.

Johnson said: "Over the last four to five years these two orcas Port and Starboard, have really terrorised the great whites around South Africa. They seem to focus on the hotspots for great whites.

"[Then last month] a white shark got attacked in Mossel Bay. But what was interesting was that it wasn’t Port or Starboard. Starboard was there, but three other different orcas actually did the attack."

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The attack, which Johnson believes can "send out a signal" to other great whites and warn them to "disperse," has had an effect on tourism in the area, The Mirror reported.

The documentarian continued: "It’s made a major impact on tourism, actually killing off the cage diving industry because all the great whites have gone.

"The number of carcasses that have been found, with a small slit in their side and the liver ripped out, is well over 10. But I suspect it’s a lot higher, as most of the sharks who are killed never get washed up."

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