Kim Jong-uns daughters fancy clothes infuriates starving North Koreans

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    Regular North Koreans struggling for food have become infuriated at the emergence of Kim Jong-un's young daughter and her fancy clothes.

    Kim Ju-ae's lifestyle in the closed-off country is unusual in comparison to the majority of North Koreans, where she enjoys a luxury life of horse riding, skiing, and swimming, according to South Korean National Intelligence Services (NIS).

    And the 10-year-old has also attracted the ire of the normal down trodden North Koreans for her fancy dress, according to reports.

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    "It makes me angry," an anonymous North Korean man was quoted by Radio Free Asia, "that our life is so hard. And Kim Ju-ae, who eats well and lives well, is always on TV in her fancy clothes!”

    The child has appeared with her dad seven times since November, most recently at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new road in Pyongyang. This has led to speculation that she is being primed to replace her dad as the country's Supreme Leader.

    As the family member of a North Korean official, Ju-ae does not attend an official education facility in the country. Instead she is schooled at her home in North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang.

    The luxurious lifestyle of Ju-ae is a stark contrast to the lives of the North Koreans that she’s one day expected to lead.

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    North Korea is reportedly in the midst of a national food crisis, with many citizens facing starvation, following a difficult few years dealing with Covid-19 with limited supplies.

    Last week, the United Nations and South Korean authorities said that food supply had now ‘dipped below the amount needed to satisfy minimum human needs’ after years of food shortages.

    The concerns were voiced after satellite imagery appeared to show that less crops had been produced than in previous years.

    North Koreans have been considered undernourished by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization for a number of years.

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