Kitten with tiny legs dubbed ‘Bambi’ after his cute running method goes viral

A short-legged kitten has sent the internet into meltdown with his impossibly cute method of running.

The three-month-old Munchkin cat, called Diu Diu, has gone viral after a short five-second clip was shared to Chinese TikTok Douyin.

It shows Diu Diu hurtling towards the camera from the end of the corridor at owner Ms Zhang’s home in Shangdong Province, eastern China.

The cute feline tries his utmost to pick up the pace but his short legs almost make him tumble over.

Ms Zhang, a piano teacher from the city of Jinan, told MailOnline she had just opened Diu Diu’s favorite snack – a can of tuna – before her pet dashed towards her.

The clip has since amassed a whopping 332,000 clicks since it was filmed on December 13 and a torrent of comments.

One viewer joked: “The cat is broken, maybe you should reprogramme it.”

Another said the scenes bore a resemblance to Bambi.

A third asked: “Is that you Bambi?”

While a third added: “The kitten is so cute, I’ve watched this 70 times.”

And a fourth laughed: “Are you sure this pet toy has not got batteries in?”

It is not the first time a cat has gone viral for their cute antics.

Another feline was recently filmed stepping onto snow for the first time – and instantly regretting it.

Meanwhile, one kitty was filmed rolling around in some glitter only to realise it had made a huge mistake.

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