Kremlin fuming at ‘blasphemous’ snub after Putin not invited to Queens funeral

Vladimir Putin has not been invited to the Queen's funeral on Monday (September 19), a decision that the Kremlin has said is "profoundly immoral" and "blasphemous".

The state funeral will be attended by royalty, presidents and prime ministers from across the globe, however the Russian leader has reportedly been snubbed due to relations between the UK and Russia remaining strained.

The UK has been one of the strongest opponents of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and has provided the latter with money, weapons and aid.

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Foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the snub an "attempt to use the national tragedy for geopolitical purposes".

She said: "We see this British attempt to use the national tragedy, which has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, for geopolitical purposes to settle scores with our country… as deeply immoral. This is particularly blasphemous towards Elizabeth II's memory."

She added: "The unifying image of Queen Elizabeth II, who has not interfered with politics as a matter of principle during her reign, has not become an obstacle to London's dissenting attacks, which are subject to accomplishing their own conjectural objectives.

"For our part, we express our profound condolences to the British people for the great loss that befell them."

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The heads of state of nearly every country in the world have received invitations to the ceremony, excluding Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Russia, Belarus and Myanmar.

The UK does not have diplomatic relations with Syria and Venezuela, while it has been reported that Afghanistan was not invited due to the current political situation.

Global leaders are expected to pay their own respects to Queen Elizabeth at Westminster Hall, where she is lying in state, before the funeral.

'You can leave your tributes to Queen Elizabeth II here.'


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