Lag Charles Bronson rages over hardened prisoners getting fit to Mr Motivator

Hardman lag Charles Bronson hit the roof when he was offered a Mr Motivator keep-fit DVD by prison wardens.

Prisoners at HMP Woodhill have been given the workouts to encourage them to exercise in their cells during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bosses at the jail in Buckinghamshire handed them to some of the most dangerous inmates due to them spending longer periods indoors because of Covid.

But Bronson, 67, known for his gruelling exercise regime, was furious after being asked if he wanted one.

The notorious tough guy, who is in a close supervision unit, fumed: “They’ve been giving out DVDs with that guy who dances around in skimpy Lycra.

"They’re giving them these films of Mr Motivator which they can play on their own machines.

“Hardened criminals are prancing around like bloody fairies to the motivator workout.

“They are playing the tapes and you can hear them jumping around and panting. Some of them are even doing them at the same time and co-ordinating workouts. Jail has changed. It’s getting madder.”

Outraged Bronson, who is one of Britain’s longest serving prisoners and is due for parole soon, claimed some inmates were even ordering similar Lycra gear to the Eighties exercise icon.

He raged to son George Bamby: “I really can’t believe this but some have even ordered the kind of clothes he wears. This is a max security unit, for God’s sake.

"This is why I have to get out. I don’t fit in any more.”

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