Le Pen serious alternative ally blasts as many French no longer want Macron to lead

Marine Le Pen 'serious alternative' to Macron says Jacobelli

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Marine Le Pen’s spokesperson defended her agenda and prominent policies of her presidential agenda ahead of Wednesday’s nationally televised debate. Both French presidential candidates, Emmanuel Macron and Ms Le Pen, will be discussing their agenda and vision for France for the five coming years in a debate broadcast on almost all TV channels four days before the second round of the French presidential election. Laurent Jacobelli slammed Macron on French radio station France Inter: “Many French people do not want Emmanuel Macron.

“They ask themselves the question: is the right alternative Marine Le Pen?

“And that’s what we’re going to work on tonight, to convince them.

The traditional televised debate was a key moment in the French presidential election in 2017, as it determined its outcome.

Ms Le Pen saw her polling numbers drop after the debate opposing her to Emmanuel Macron, who was then a fresh face in the French political landscape.

“Yes, there is a France without retirement at 65. It is possible.”

This time around, both candidates have differed on several policies including pensions, the economy, the EU, and immigration.

While Macron has been promoting retirement at 65, Ms Le Pen wants to keep it at 62.

Pension policy is a contentious issue, as no previous French president has successfully reformed France’s pension scheme.

Mr Jacobelli continued: “Yes, there is a France where one can work when one belongs to the middle classes or the most disadvantaged social classes and live with dignity from one’s work.

“The loss of purchasing power is not a fatality.”

The economy will be a decisive factor in the electorate’s decision.

With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis induced by inflation, energy prices have skyrocketed, directly impacting French consumers’ purchasing power.

Macron’s government cut the cost of fuel by 18 cents per litre and handed six million households a 100-euro voucher to stem the hike in energy prices. 

Mr Jacobelli added: “Yes, there is a France where one can live in security. A France where we can defend our identity by fighting against massive immigration.

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“And it is this evening that we are going to prove it to the French that the serious alternative exists and that it is called Marine Le Pen.”

Ms Le Pen has shown a much softer image this year compared to her two previous presidential bids.

Many of her opponents criticised her for hiding behind referendums in a bid to hide her true intentions, especially on the EU.

Her strategy paid off, as she considerably narrowed the gap between herself and President Macron.

Emmanuel Macron also lost points due to his absence from the campaign trail while he was making calls with Putin, his opponents say.

At this stage, President Macron is leading the polls with almost 10 points over his opponent Ms Le Pen.

But this time around, the margin between the two candidates is much smaller.

In 2017, President Macron won the election with 66 percent.

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