Leaked documents show Putin thought Russia would conquer Ukraine in three days

Leaked documents from deep inside the Kremlin show that the deluded Russian despot Vladimir Putin thought he would conquer Ukraine in just days.

The Russian president's letters and plans from the build-up to the invasion of Ukraine have since leaked, and show some startling combat deadlines with the first anniversary of the conflict approaching.

FSB security service members had been assuring the warmonger the invasion of Ukraine would take just days, rather than the actual outcome which has seen war rage on for a year.

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Ukrainian resistance has stood firm against invading Russian forces, who have peppered the capital Kyiv with missile strikes in a series of frustrated attacks on the country.

A fortnight after the invasion and Russian insiders were fretting about what they perceived at the time as a disastrously slow invasion.

One email read: "We were expected to be the arbitrators for crowning Ukrainian politicians who were supposed to start tearing each other apart competing for the right to be called aligned with Russia."

The opposite occurred, and instead Russian forces found themselves fighting against "unanswered" questions over the stalling of their war efforts.

Sources close to the heart of the Kremlin claim that Putin's Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu was adamant on taking Kyiv in "three days".

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An expert on Russia's security and intelligence, Mark Galeotti, claimed the "three days" claim had been made as Putin hates to hear about plans that do not "conform" with his view.

Galeotti, speaking to The Sun, said: "We've known for years that Putin has become more and more intolerant of anything that doesn’t conform to what he wants to hear.

"As this material gets passed up the chain of command it gets rewritten and rewritten and distorted because no-one dares give him the bad news. So this is a problem he's created for himself.

"He is absolutely convinced that Ukraine is not a real country and Ukrainians not a real people and therefore can't bring him to accept that they're willing to die with such determination for this 'non-country'."

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