Letting workers nap whenever they want would boost profits and productivity

Letting workers kip whenever they want is the secret to building a successful business, sleep experts say.

Allowing staff to take naps during working hours will boost their welfare and the firm’s profits, researchers reckon.

Analysis of more than 50 studies into the cognitive effects of naps proved their effectiveness in workplaces.

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Ruth Leong and Michael Chee, below, from the National University of Singapore, said: “Mid-afternoon napping used to be a regular feature of life. The human circadian rhythm has a ­mid-afternoon dip in alertness accompanied by increas­ed sleepiness at this time.”

The findings, published in Sleep Medicine Reviews, will enrage wannabe PM Liz Truss and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.

They have insisted Britain’s cost-of-living hell could be fixed by workers “grafting” as hard as the Chinese.

But scientists found whatever the age of the worker studied, a snooze produced “moderate improvement in cognition”.

Former PMs Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were daily nap fans.

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