Libby Squire found ‘crying and screaming’ on last night out before disappearance

Witnesses say they saw Libby Squire "crying and screaming" shortly before her disappearance and death.

The 21-year-old was "sobbing" and telling passersby she wanted to go home as they tried to help her on the last night she was seen alive, a court has heard.

It's claimed Pawel Relowicz was one of them, but instead of helping he put her in his car and drove her to a remote Hull park, the court heard.

The Polish-born 26-year-old is on trial for her rape and murder in January 2019.

Sheffield Crown Court was today told Relowicz was "prowling" the student area looking for a victim before Libby vanished.

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The prosecution suggested Relowicz picked up the University of Hull student when she was "drunk and vulnerable", and claimed he raped her before dumping her in a freezing cold river to "silence her screams".

Libby's body was eventually discovered two months later, floating in the Humber Estuary with Relowicz's semen inside her, the jury heard.

The court has heard that Libby had suffered from mental health issues when she was younger and had mentioned having "suicidal thoughts" before.

On Monday Prosecutor Richard Wolfall read out police statements from Libby's friends about the night she vanished.

Amelia Cummins said their housemate had paid a taxi driver to take Libby home after a bouncer turned her away from a club for being too drunk.

At about 1:15am they arrived back at their shared house but Libby was nowhere to be seen.

After searching the area they called the police and alerted Libby's mum, Lisa Squire.

Amelia has said in her statement "it was completely out of character" for Libby to go missing.

Chloe told police how before going to the club they had attended a party together where some boys were taking a white powder, but Libby had stuck with alcohol as she was "very anti-drugs".

Witness Lorna Allen told police she saw Libby just before midnight.

She said: "I saw a girl on the other side of the road at the bus stop near Haworth Street. She was lying on the floor and crying and screaming. She was in a state. I couldn't understand her because she was pi**ed.

"I was a bit scared at first but crossed the road. She was lying flat out on the floor, on her right side. I was stood at her feet."

She went on: "I did not notice if she had any injuries but she was talking to herself and slurring her words. She seemed very drunk.

"I said to her 'are you all right?' She replied: 'I just want to go home'. She staggered, got herself up and sat on a little square wall."

The witness said she was worried and watched Libby for five minutes as she walked off.

Giving evidence, Roland Jacobs told the court how his pal was driving him home from a darts match by a pal about 11.40pm when they spotted Libby "laid on the floor" crying.

He asked his friend to stop the car, adding: "I wouldn't want to see my daughter in that state. I got out and went straight over the girl laid on the floor.

"I just asked her to stand up. She was just mumbling things. I couldn't understand what she was actually saying.

"She asked me to lay down with her. I just turned around and said 'no'."

He said he eventually managed to get her to her feet after grabbing her by the arms.

"Her legs weren't working at first," he said and explained how Libby told him her friends had left her.

"For some reason, she started swearing," he told the court, explaining how she started calling him a ba****d and that her behaviour was erratic.

He eventually got back in the car and drove off, leaving Libby sitting on the wall.

The trial continues.

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