Little known European country where temperatures still reach 25C in the autumn

When thinking about warm getaways, many would be forgiven for thinking of exotic paradises like the Maldives or Mauritius – but there’s a destination a lot closer to home.

With temperatures still hitting 27C this week, Neum, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the perfect place for some autumn sun.

It is also a highly unique place.

Most people think the Dalmatian Coast belongs solely to Croatia – but take a closer look and you’ll see a tiny Bosnian segment touching the Adriatic Sea.

Neum is the only town on the limited Bosnian coastline. It is just 20km long but is packed full of gorgeous beaches and a rugged mountainous background.

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Another made the interesting point that the area has been made even more peaceful since Croatia completed a bridge between their territories, meaning Croatians didn’t have to pass through Bosnia and Herzegovina anymore. 

Neum has great food – Ćcevapi is the much-loved local lunch which consists of mini grilled meat kebabs and raw onion slices squeezed inside some warm pitta bread. 

Local restaurants are great, too. Restoran Laguna has stunning views and is rated 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor. Visitors talked of the “delicious” food, which included tasty-looking shrimps and other delightful seafood, as well as the “extremely friendly staff”.

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The reason for the tiny Bosnian slither of coastline owes itself to two nearby beautiful Croatian areas – in 1699, the city state of Dubrovnik was so scared of an attack from the Venetians – who ruled Split – that it gave the Ottomans some land as a buffer zone.

This territory has never gone away, and with the Bosnian economy not as strong as the Croatian one, prices are extremely cheap.

Travel operator Kayak puts a hotel double room in Bosnia and Herzegovina at an average of £62 per night in September, while the same in Croatia is £140 – Neum’s Grand Hotel is £49pp for a last-minute weekend getaway this month, while a “modest apartment hotel on the beach” (Apartmani Sentic) will set you back just £39.

It is also a great base for exploring other areas, like Mostar, the historic Herzegovinian capital which is home to a sensational old bridge and an incredible mixture of beautiful mosques and churches.

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