Living doll plastic surgery addict was awake through most painful op ever

A plastic surgery addict determined to turn himself into a living doll has gone under the knife again for a drastic five-in-one surgery in the hope of achieving a flawless look.

Patrick Mast, from Germany, has been obsessed with the concept of dolls and their flawless, symmetrical faces since the age of 14.

So far the 28-year-old has spent just under £60,000 on various beauty treatments and plastic surgery procedures in Turkey and Serbia.

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A few months ago, Patrick who works as the CEO of a child intensive care service, had his most drastic plastic surgery yet – a five-in-one surgery.

The five-hour operation included a facelift, a cat eye lift, an upper and under Blepharoplasty and a second lip lift all in one.

All five procedures were performed under local anaesthesia, meaning that Patrick was awake through the entire process, describing it as his most painful surgery so far.

Patrick has previously had both a facelift and a lip lift and claims that this scar tissue did not numb with the anaesthesia, so he felt every cut and stitch the surgeons made.

The recovery timeline for the drastic procedure is roughly one year, but Patrick says that the pain and time are worth it, and his next procedures are already decided.

Patrick wants to have a second nose job and is looking for alternatives to a Brazillian Buttlift, fearing he is too skinny for that procedure.

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Speaking to the Daily Star exclusively, he revealed: “It began when I was like 14 years old when I saw all the Hollywood stars and everyone going through plastic surgery.

“I liked it so at that age I began small changes like changing my hair colour, trying and putting on makeup.

“Then when I was 18 I started with the surgeries. First, it was Botox to my forehead. After that, I started with the injections, cheekbones first, then I continued with my lips and then the rest of my face.

“Then the real surgeries started. It was a facelift – an eyebrow life, after that I had nose surgery and a lip lift”.

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Other surgeries include a full set of crowns and his most extreme surgery, the five-in-one procedure.

Patrick added: “I want to look like a doll, or perfectly plastic like a doll, what I also like is when people recognise someone has had a lot of plastic surgery – for example, Micheal Jackson.

“I think because dolls or doll's faces are perfect for me, there is nothing I would change, I can go to a doctor and show them and say ‘I want to look like this’.

“I like the female features of my face so it is easier to go in that direction but I am happy in my body so I am not going for a transition.

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“Most of the doctors in Germany refuse to do any surgery because their view of aesthetics is different, they want it as natural as possible – the complete opposite of what I am looking for.

“That is why I did most of my surgeries in other countries – Turkey and Serbia.”

Despite plans to go back under the knife again soon, Patrick insists that he is happy in his appearance and he does not fear he may one day regret his look.

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He explained: “I am quite comfortable with the look I have, the goal in my mind has never changed in my whole life. Never say never, but I think it will always be the same.

“I think most of the people reversing their looks are going with trends like so many girls had their lips done when Kylie Jenner announced it, my goal was not influenced by any trend so there is no reason I would reverse it in the future.

“The people in my life are supportive but honest with me. My close friends will tell me if they are concerned I am going for a too-drastic look or for a too-risky surgery”.

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