Lorry driver punched by migrant later died of heart attack – but it may not be linked

BBC's Adler warns EU to spiral into new migrant crisis

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The 48-year-old lorry driver died near Calais on Sunday evening at the Epitre motorway service area, on the A16. An investigation into the alleged crime, categorised as “blows resulting in death without intention to kill”, was opened on Monday.

The Portuguese driver was allegedly punched in the face by a migrant he attempted to remove from his truck.

He then climbed back into his cabin before suffering a heart attack a few minutes later.

However, the public prosecutor on the case, quoted by Ouest France, said that “there may not be a causal link” between the alleged “blow to the driver’s face” and the death of the victim.

The victim was reportedly taking heart medication, was overweight and smoked, according to the initial evidence.

The fire brigade was alerted at around 10.30pm by the co-driver of the lorry, who witnessed the alleged events.

Emergency services were unable to rescue the driver.

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Shortly before his death, the driver had reported the alleged presence of migrants in his lorry.

The migrants are likely to have been refugees who were attempting to seek asylum in a new, safe country.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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