Lottery winners £6m suffocating hell as begging strangers caused him to flee

Lottery winner Roger Robar bagged £6million on the National Lottery in 1999 – but he is now living a “suffocating hell” because people won't leave him alone.

He even had to flee the UK after giving away around a quarter of what he won within a few weeks of taking home the jackpot.

The chef, who now claims the win destroyed his marriage and even stopped him having more children, now lives in France and gave an eye-watering £1.5milion to total strangers.

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Speaking about the issues he was having in 1999, Roger said: “I'm worse than a prisoner, I'm living in a coffin – even a coffin is more peaceful because people don't knock on it every five minutes saying, `Please help me'.

“All day people come to my restaurant, stop me in the street, run up to my car, phone me, wait outside my house and drive me completely crazy.

“I never realised people are so hungry, that they have so many problems.

“It's choking me, I can't give to the whole world.

“Even accountants, lawyers, and musicians beg me for money to help them out of a mess.”

Roger was also being harassed in the streets, and was being followed home.

No matter how many times he told people no, they “did not listen”.

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Roger started playing the lottery to pay for his daughter's wedding, but says if he could have his time again from the minute he won, he'd have cashed his cheque and left.

“I regret it day and night,” he said at the time.

“Last week I woke up sobbing and shouting, `God, I made a terrible mistake, please help me.'

“It would have been better if I hadn't won the lottery – I had no idea my life would turn out like this, so packed full of stress.

“If I had the choice between winning the lottery and still being a chef on £250-a-week, I'd choose to stay a chef.”

Roger has kept a low profile since then, and hasn't made any public appearances.

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