Lotto riches: $18 million mega draw goes unstruck

Lotto’s $18 million Powerball draw has not been struck.

The mouth-watering sum was up for grabs in tonight’s draw.

The numbers were: 19, 30, 10, 16, 29, 7. The Powerball was 8, and the Bonus Ball 11.

While Lotto Powerball wasn’t struck, three people won First Division. Each will receive $333,333.

The big draw comes just four weeks after a Rotorua man enjoyed a life-changing $8.5m Powerball prize.

Shortly after claiming his multi-million riches, he said: “I’ve been playing the same numbers since Lotto started, and I always watch the draw or record it.”I was checking off my numbers as usual, and when the fifth and sixth balls came out, well that’s when my heart really started to race.

“Then I was just praying for the Powerball to be 7, and when it was, I was so shocked. You never believe it’s actually going to happen.

“I felt numb, but my immediate thought was that I needed to call someone.”

The first person he called was his daughter, who he said didn’t initially believe him.

“She kept saying ‘are you sure?’ I said ‘yes, I’ve been playing these numbers for years … plus I’ve checked the ticket at least four times,'” he laughed.

“My granddaughter must’ve heard our conversation because she texted me after saying ‘yahoo Papa!’ Which made me smile.”

Next, the man called his son to arrange claiming his huge windfall.

“Dad called me and asked if I was working in the morning – I said ‘no, why?'” the man’s son said.

“Then he said, ‘well pick me up at six, we’re going to Auckland, I’ve won Powerball.’ I think I just responded with ‘ay?'”

The pair laughed, elated by the news, and finalised plans for their early morning road trip.

“After I got off the phone with Dad, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, I’m just so happy this has happened for him,” he beamed.

The man said after winning big in the January 21 draw that he was planning on buying a new lakeside house so he could enjoy his love of fishing.

“Walking into my back garden with my fishing rod and being able to throw out a line in will be a dream come true,” said the man.

The winner has also set himself a personal goal to play golf at every golf course around New Zealand.

He also couldn’t wait to spoil his grandchildren.

There was a succession of big Lotto Powerball wins in 2020.

In May it was revealed Lotto had created 21 millionaires in the first 21 weeks of the year.

And by the end of the fifth month of the year, there had been 16 overnight millionaires with Lotto and Strike, with a further five multi-millionaires with Powerball.

In the biggest draw of the year, 10 lucky winners won $5m each after sharing the mammoth $50m Powerball jackpot in August.

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