Loud bang heard as plane bursts into flames upon botched landing at UK airport

A loud bang was heard from a plane that sensationally burst into flames when it landed in the UK last night.

The freight aircraft had arrived on time at East Midlands airport near Derby in the late evening, after departing from the east German city of Leipzig.

But things got tricky as the Kalitta Air Boeing 747 approached the runway, and the plane is understood to have suffered damage on its descent.

One witness, speaking to Sky Scan World, said the aeroplane had 'ingested' an item into its jets during the landing, and made a loud noise once it touched down.

They also said that there were no injuries associated with the incident, which comes only days after a shock crash at a British airstrip.

Earlier this week, Teesside Airport in the north east of England was forced to close after a shocking failed take-off of a light aircraft that left three people in hospital and one man fighting for his life.

An engine had been heard 'spluttering' before the plane stopped sharply in mid-air at around 300 feet. It then hit the ground with a .loud, deep 'thud'.

One of the three injured was airlifted to James Cook University Hospital in a critical condition, while the other two were taken in an ambulance.

Jet engines suck in huge amounts of air and birds can sometimes be sucked into the fan blades, an event known as 'bird strike'.

Modern jet engines are also designed to be able to 'digest' objects without causing serious engine failure, or catastrophic mechanical events.

Pictures from last night appear to show flames and thick smoke emerging from behind one of the plane's engines.

East Midlands Airport and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service have been contacted by Derbyshire Live for more information.

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