Major Colorado roads likely to close during weekend snowstorm, CDOT warns

Snow totaling in the feet is expected to impact the Denver metro area this weekend. Travel during the worst of the storm, predicted to hit late Friday or throughout Saturday, may be nearly impossible. The Colorado Department of Transportation urges drivers to get ahead of the storm.

Already being compared to the March 2003 snowmaker that dumped six feet of snow in parts of the foothills, CDOT is expecting heavy snowfall along Interstate 70 and Interstate 25. In a release issued Wednesday, they said they are likely to close each roadway contingent upon the storm’s severity.

CDOT is urging drivers to get to their destination before the storm begins Friday evening and be ready to stay put.

Snowplows will focus on the main arteries and will not plow secondary routes until the worst of the storm has passed. Many roads could be heavyily snow-packed, and CDOT says only emergency and essential needs are reasons for attempting to drive with the proper vehicle and tires for heavy snow.

“If you are out in the storm, have an emergency kit with blankets, food, batteries, water, a shovel and survival supplies should you get stuck or stranded,” CDOT notes.

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