Man and daughter, 15, tortured and killed to give up antique violin documents

Three people have been arrested in Paraguay in connection with the murder of a German palaeontologist and his 15-year-old daughter who were allegedly killed to give up antique violin documents.

Bernard von Bredow, 62, was a noted expert on prehistoric animals, having dug up the complete woolly mammoth skeleton in a forest near his Bavarian home town when he was still in his teens.

Police believe von Bredow had been tortured into giving up documentation that proved the origin of four valuable 18th century violins and cellos that he had bought and restored.

Héctor Meza, the forensic pathologist on the case, told Paraguayan newspaper Última Hora that the attackers appeared to have interrogated the victim for quite some time. He had significant bruising and burns to his face and body.

“There are signs that the house was turned over from top to bottom,” Meza said.

“Clearly they were looking for something," he added.

"There are bloodstains all over the house, probably because they made one of the victims walk around with the wounds they had inflicted earlier.

"I don’t know whether there was a fight but the man had been tortured previously.”

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Once the robbers had what they wanted, they killed von Bredow with a single shot to the back of the head from a large-calibre firearm. Blood spatter evidence suggests that he would have been kneeling at the time of his death, execution-style.

His daughter Loreena was found in the bathtub, with a single gunshot wound to her stomach.

Meza said there were “certain indications” that she had been shot elsewhere in the house before being dumped in a bath full of water, where she would have slowly bled to death.

According to the ABC Color newspaper, a friend of von Bredow’s named Yves Asriel Spartacus Steinmetz had been looking after the valuable musical instruments. It’s alleged that Steinmetz had falsely claimed they had been destroyed in a fire.

The resale value of the instruments depended on the all-important documentation, which von Bredow still had in his possession.

According to prosecutors, Steinmetz and two other Germans, Volker Grannass and Stephan Messing, conspired to steal the documents from von Bredow so they could get a good price for the instruments.

A police raid on Grannass’s house police found the missing instruments, along with several firearms.

The Paraguayan justice ministry has appealed through Interpol for the suspects’ phone and travel records. “It’s like something out of a movie,” a ministry spokesman told Última Hora.

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